Safeguarding Children (Child Protection) and Vulnerable Adult Protection Training courses run at a venue of your choice of join a training course we have planned.

LOLLYTRAD Ltd has been delivering training courses since the early 1990s’. Relevant training qualifications are held by the trainers.

The training content is planned and agreed before the course commences in order to met the needs of the individual, group or organisation.

Typically included in the course Aims and Objectives are

  •       Understanding the 4 Types of Abuse
  •       Do’s and Don’ts
  •       Keeping Yourself Safe
  •       What Do You Think? – a series of statements for discussion
  •       Understanding Who may be most vulnerable
  •       Awareness of the dangers in a one to one situation
  •       Understanding why a vulnerable person may “Disclose” to a friendly face
  •       CRB now DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) Checks – where they fit in
  •       Child Protection Policy Overview
  •       Sample Documentation
  •       Technology Issues
  •       Scenarios for discussion
  •       Key Telephone Numbers and Contacts
  •       Useful Websites and E-zines
  •       Handouts

Other Courses can include

Developing a Child Protection Policy
Developing Documentation to support your Policy
More information email or call Peter on 01257 270770 or 07970 904029