6 Hours Training Course Information Dates

First Aid at Work (FAW)  | Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) | FAW Refresher| Paediatric | Activity (Outdoor) First Aid

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Title Duration Date Venue
EFAW 6 Hours 27/3&3/4/19 Evenings Chorley
Activity First Aid Day 2 10 Hours 06/04/19 Upholland
EFAW 6 Hours 08&15/04/19 Tarleton
EFAW 6 Hours 14/04/19 Ormskirk
Activity First Aid  20 Hours 18&19/04/19 Bibbys Farm
Activity First Aid 20 Hours 20&21/07/19 Bibbys Farm
Activity First Aid  20 Hours 26&27/10/19 Bibbys Farm

Course costs include relevant handbooks and Certificates of Competence or Attendance as appropriate. These also include Learning Units towards further qualifications if required and can be sat from the age of 14.

More information email or call Peter on 01257 270770 or 07970 904029


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